World Level ID Date Status Desctiption
The Beginning Touch to Move W01L01 05.02.2015 Finished Touch the screen to move the player
The Beginning Open the Door W01L02 06.02.2015 Finished Get the key to open the door
The Beginning Climb the Ladder W01L03 07.02.2015 Finished Climb the ladder to get to the door
The Beginning Jump Over the Ledge W01L04 08.02.2015 Finished Jump over the ledge to gt to the door
The Beginning Jump Onto the Rock W01L05 Planned Pull the Level to lower the bridge
The Beginning Flip the Switch W01L06 Planned Flip the Switch do activate something
The Beginning Pull the Lever W01L07 Planned Jump onto the rock to get the key

1. The Beginning (still being developed)

2. Into the Castle (planned)